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Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) intends to establish a central and robust GIS integrated Decision Support System with spatial information as well as citizen engagement for GMDA in particular and other allied departments and district authority of Gurugram. For this purpose Onemap Gurugram is developed by GIS division of GMDA

Our Mission

To be a major support in governance by embedding GIS in all aspects of decision making, planning & management

Our Plan

More detailed & accurate Geo-enabled Decision Support Systems aligned with objectives of development of the state.

Our Vision

Reforming the government to increase effectiveness of land acquisition, planning, compensation, providing urban services.

OneMap Applications

Following GIS Applications Developed by GIS Division that accelerates the OneMap.




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Integrated Departments

GIS Implementation in GMDA Allied Departments

OneMap Services

OneMap provides major support in governance by embedding GIS in all aspects of decision making in the GMDA, bringing transparency and geo-spatial information support in decision-making, enable a sound process of monitoring development and identifying “gaps in development, planning, management and decision making". Make GIS data available at all levels –that helps bringing accountability and responsibility in governance.

GIS Lab Facilities

A Geospatial lab under GIS Division GMDA has been established to provide facilities related to latest geospatial technologies which are available in the market which includes cloud based servers & high end work-stations for image processing, data interpetation, analysis & results.



Five high-end Cloud based servers (with 256 GB Ram, Intel Xeon 16 core processor & GPU graphics) established for database management, web hosting, data creation & web development.



More than 20 workstations (with 256GB Ram, Intel xeon 16 core processor & GPU graphics) are available for performing various day to day activities related to geographical information system (GIS), remote sensing & other Geo-development activities.


Plotter & Printer

A high speed plotter of size A-0 is available for printing & scanning of large size maps for study & planning purposes. One Coloured printer of size A-3 & one B&W printer is also available at GIS Division.


Surveying Devices

10 no. of GIS mobile application based tablets are available to perform activities such as data collection, surveying and ground truthing of data to accurate results.



An End user license aggrement (ELA) for unlimited user licenses user GMDA jurisdiction has been performed with ESRI with complete software & server packages for smooth functioning of geospatial activities.


Geospatial Personnel

A team of Geospatial experts is working inhouse for performing Geospatial activities related to data creation, planning, analysis & development to provide an end user work with ease.


Current GIS Layers generated by the GIS Division of GMDA

Total area of GMDA 675 square kilometers covers 137 villages & four Tehsil (Gurugram, Farukh Nagar, Manesar, Sohna)

GIS Layers




Amenities POI


Notified Boundaries

5670  + Kms


2535 + Kms


58772 + Plots


53820 +


GIS Clause

Major activities and act clause used in GMDA bill for role of GIS in development plan

1 Notified Area (2.1.f, 2.1.L, 3.1) Boundaries
2 Development Plan (2.1.i, 11.3) Facilitating in preparing GIS based master plan for Road, Water Supply, Sewerage, Drainage, Electricity, Sanitation
3 Mobility Management Plan (2.1.n) Managing mobility in the notified area. Which includes improvement and construction of roads, bridges, pedestrian footpaths, subways. Enhancing safety of life and prevention of accidents on public roads. Measures in regard to public transportation, mass transportation, integrated multi-modal transportation, bus shelters, parking and their improvement. Measures to regulate parking, traffic, installation of traffic signals and the transit of vehicles, including its speed, form, construction, weight, size or laden with such heavy or unwieldy objects, as may be likely to cause injury; measures to regulate access to premises from any particular public street carrying high speed vehicular traffic.
4 Infrastructure Development Plan (2.1.i, 2.1.j, 2.1.x, 2.1.n, 2.1.y, 11.3) Water supply, sewage disposal, storm water drainage, electricity, solid waste management, public transportation, parking, telecommunications, piped natural gas and other infrastructure.
5 Urban Amenities (2.1.w, 2.1.x) Parks, Playgrounds, Green spaces, parking facilities, public wi-fi facilities, public bus transport, bus shelters, taxi and rickshaw stands, libraries, affordable hospitals, cultural centres, recreation centres, stadium, sports complex and any other urban facility.
6 Sustainable Management Plan (2.1.y, 23.7) Provision for urban forestry, tree plantation and Urban Environment so as to endeavour to achieve such international standards for green spaces, as the Authority may determine. Measures for solid waste management and water conservation, as may be necessary and desirable.
7 Disaster Management Plan (16.1.h) Traffic Jam, earthquakes, Urban Environmental disasters, fires, road accidents, industrial disasters, bridge failures, tower collapses, modern infrastructure failures, famines, epidemics, terrorist incidents, riots, massacres, Amusement park accidents, Waterlogging and Flash flood
8 Property Tax (3.1, 46.1, 50) Digitization of property, Indexing House Number, Property Details, Database integration, Tax Calculation, Bill Generation, Notice Generation, Live update.
9 Land Management (2.1.f, 2.1.L, 16.1, 27.2, 25, 46.1) Digitization of Revenu map and Documents, Mapping of purchase, exchange, transfer, acquire, hold, lease, manage and dispose land. Vested Land.
10 Local Authorities coordination (2.1.f, 2.1.i, 2.1.j 3.1, 46.1) Municipal Corporation Gurugram, Municipal Council Sohna, Municipal Committee Pataudi, Municipal Committee Farukhnagar, Municipal Committee Hailey Mandi and Panchayat in Gurugram district in so far as the abadi deh of such Panchayat is concerned. And other stakeholder departments under GMDA notified Area.
11 Urban Urban Environment (2.1.y, 23.7, 11.3, 16.1.k) Urban Urban Environment includes water, air, green spaces, open spaces and urban forestry in the notified area.

Hon'ble Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar

Chairman, GMDA

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government of Haryana is chairman of the Authority, which is the highest policy making body of GMDA. It consists of 17 members.

Sh. Varinder Singh Kundu, IAS


Chief Executive Officer, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, Gurugram

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